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10 Reasons You Need to Watch Lion Fights 9 on AXS TV Friday Night

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Artem Levin vs Simon Marcus

Published on March 15, 2013 with 1 Comment

There are countless reasons to watch Lion Fight Promotions Muay Thai event tonight live on AXS TV (formerly HDnet) and the phenomenal fighters do their thing in what main event fighter Simon Marcus called the “brutal ballet” in our interview Wednesday. We decided to choose 10 of them and share them with you in hopes to persuade you to lead into UFC 158 with a bang and support Muay Thai in America!

#10 – Paowarit Sasiprapa came to show some techniques to us one Saturday at the gym I usually train at in Burbank, Defiant Gym. He weighed in today at 129 pounds yesterday and was tossing guys 200+ around at my gym showing us how to use numerous proper techniques. Despite limited English he was a great teacher, mostly showing us clinch work and sweeps. Count on him to do well in his fight and show off his wealth of knowledge and technique.

#9 - It’s Free! AXS TV Fights (Formerly HDnet fights) airs regularly on Fridays and are gusually great promotions putting on solid fights, but this week is a special treat as Lion Fight Promotions runs it’s second show on the network with great commentating from Michael Schiavello and Pat Miletich. We are MMAinterviews, so obviously we love every UFC event, but the excitement for this event is equal to UFC 158, and that is saying something because that card in stacked! What better things do you have to do on Friday? Go blow a bunch of cash on overpriced alcohol? Why do that when you can grab a twelve pack, sit back and watch some action packed Thai fights?

#8 – Free punches, kicks, knees & elbows! Muay Thai is called the art of 8 limbs for a reason; because all 8 are vital tools that can render your opponent unconscious at any moment. Count on someone getting slept. This of course fits perfectly at #8.

#7 – American Muay Thai talent has grown and is able to compete at a very high level in the sport and one of the best American Muay Thai fighters, Kevin “Da Soul Assassin” Ross is one of them. He will be competing for just the 2nd time since ACL surgery and is a great representation of the growth of the sport in the U.S. Other American notables include Romie Adanza, Joe Schilling and Chaz Mulkey. More on Ross will appear again later in the article.

#6 – Culture! While the TV deal with AXS TV has understandably made Lion Fights more expedited, we still get a great taste of the traditional martial arts culture from Thailand as the fighters still get some time to perform their Wai Khru, or ritual in which students pay respects to their teachers in order to express their gratitude and formalize the student–teacher relationship by walking the ring, dancing or other forms of respect.

#5 – Tiffany Van Soest – Known as “Time Bomb” this American born soccer star turned Muay Thai champion is young, talented, easy on the eyes and one of the few female fighters able to find “the big kabosh” as AXS TV Fights commentator Michael Schiavello will likely say tomorrow night at Lion Fights, whether it’s for Van Soest or someone else, it will happen. She hasn’t taken any time off following her highlight reel knockout in her last fight for LFP in January.

#4 – MMA fans in America are notorious for booing when fights are taking place on the mat. They seem to be much more drawn to the standup portion of MMA. If you’re one of those people, you need to tune in to watch significantly higher level strikers compete without any ground game involved. Even if you appreciate wrestling and jiu-jitsu as well as a technical standup war, you will still be in for a treat when you see this card unfold live on AXS TV.

#3 – Nick Diaz says you should. He was recently instagramming pictures of Kevin Ross (told you he’d come up again) and Joe “Stitch ‘em up” Schilling who were up in the 209 to help the UFC 158 main event fighter get prepared for his blockbuster bout with Georges St. Pierre. The members of the Can’t Stop Crazy crew also help Diaz prepare for Carlos Condit at UFC 143 and are just a few of the Muay Thai fighters that train with and are respected by your favorite MMA fighters. There will undoubtedly be a whose who of MMA fighters at the event tomorrow night at the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel.

#2 – Support a great sport where fighters are paid less than MMA fighters yet put on some of the most exciting fights you will ever see. You will appreciate the striking skills these athletes put forth and if you do not, MMAinterviews will buy you your time back as soon as time travel is invented or the fountain of youth is discovered.

#1 – Artem Levin (44-3-1 with 33 KOs) vs Simon Marcus (31-0 with 22 KOs) – This fight was supposed to happen in Russia and in Thailand, but no one was able to put it together until Lion Fight Promotions did. This fight is every bit as good as Nick Diaz vs Georges St. Pierre on a scale of the sports’ rankings, but may resemble something more like Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones. The WBC Muay Thai light heavyweight title is on the line and both men weighed in under the limit of 175 pounds Thursday with the Russian Levin at 174.5 and the Canadian Marcus at 173. Marcus is more of a traditional Muay Thai fighter, while Levin uses more movement and will look to use his reach advantage in this fight as well. Who ever wins this intriguing and exciting fight will emerge as the top light heavyweight Muay Thai fighter on the planet and have the WBC belt to prove it.

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  1. It will be a amazing night! Anybody as a livestream for it, we dont have this channel in NB Canada.

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