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UFC 136, Maynard vs Edgar: Main Card Results & Analysis: Edgar stops Maynard, Aldo also Retains His belt

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UFC 136

Published on October 09, 2011 with No Comments

Gray Maynard vs Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar came out and landed the first combination.  Gray Maynard though quickly changed things with a bug uppercut that hurt the champ.  Maynard continued to land big punches and knees much like the first round of their first fight but again was unable to finish the bloodied Edgar.  Round one clearly Maynard’s and could possibly be considered a 10-8 but in all likelihood was 10-9.

In round two, neither man was able to gain a decisive edge throughout the first half of it.  in the second half of the round Edgar’s hands were more active although neither man was able to land anything significant.  Round two likely to Edgar due to greater activity.

Round three was much of the same as each man stayed elusive and didn’t over-commit.  Edgar’s superios movement showed but Maynard was able to land some clean shots as well.  Again Edgar’s activity likely won him the round.  Edgar won the third round more decisively as the last.

Edgar began to pour it on in the fourth, landing clean combinations and avoiding most of Maynard’s offense.  Edgar finally hurts the challenger off of a scramble with a right uppercut and poured it on to get the TKO and keep his 155 lb. title.  Impressive performance from Edgar to prove that he is the top lightweight in the world.

Kenny Florian vs Jose Aldo

Kenny Florian came out confident and took an early flurry from Aldo to secure a takedown and judo throw.  He was unable to hold the champ down, but controlled him against the cage and put him on the defensive.  Round one, Florian.

Round two became more of a striking battle with neither man convincingly taking control.  Both men landed a few clean punches and leg kicks but nothing that really did damage.  Aldo began to put it on Florian a bit at the tail end of the round, and likely stole it because of it.

Aldo began to take control in the standup in the third, forcing a shot from Florian.  After stuffing it Aldo moved right to mount and stayed on top for most of the round.  Round three decisively went to Aldo.

Round four was much like round two, a striking battle with Florian unable to secure a takedown.  Aldo landed the more cleaner punches and kicks although neither man decisively took the round.  In the final minute, Aldo landed a clean left hook but Florian pressed the champ against the cage  making it a tough round to score.  More likely Aldo’s round though.

Round five was all Aldo.  Florian was unable to land many strikes and found himself on his back with Aldo landing some clean ground and pound and moving to full mount.  With two minutes left in the round, Florian got back to his feet but was unable to make much happen.  Round five again goes to Aldo to secure the win and his featherweight strap.

Judges gave a unanimous decision to Jose Aldo giving him his 13th straight victory.

Brian Stann vs Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen wasted no time getting inside and clinching with Brian Stann.  After a while Sonnen secured a takedown and went to work.  He landed some vicious ground and pound and controlled Stann throughout the first round.

In round two Sonnen again shot right away and secured a nice takedown.  From there he continued to land punches and smother the decorated Marine.  After half the round, the referee stood them up only for Sonnen to clinch and slam Stann to the canvas.  Sonnen then worked to gain an arm triangle, jump over to side mount and choke out Stann in impressive fashion.

After the win, Sonnen called out the champion Anderson Silva once again and said if he loses he would leave the UFC forever.

Nam Phan vs Leonard Garcia

Leonard Garcia came out looking sharp and throwing a lot of strikes.  Nam Phan stayed poised and began to use his jab to control the pace more.  Phan dropped Garcia with a right and got on top.  Then as Garcia slowed Phan, began to put it on him more including a late takedown to solidify the first round.

Garcia landed a big right hand to start the second but Phan stayed on top of him pushing the pace and rocking him with a left hook..  Nam’s superior cardio began to show as his pace and technique began to give him a considerable edge.  Phan’s jab prvoed to be a valuable tool to set up his other strikes and keep safe from Garcia’s winging hooks.  Round two again to Phan decisively.

Round three was super exciting as Garcia came out firing on all cylinders.  Landing leg kicks and crisp punches.  He even hurt Phan at one point but was unable to finish.  Phan then turned the tide, hurting Garcia with solid combinations and securing a takedown.  Round three goes to Garcia.

All three judges score the fight 29-28 in favor of Nam Phan.  Both men will likely receive FOTN bonuses for their efforts.

Melvin Guillard vs Joe Lauzon

“The Young Assassin” Guillard came out read to bang and doing a lot of talking, but when the two exchanged left hooks in the center of the octagon, it was Guillard who took the brunt of the damage.  Lauzon pounced and took Guillard’s back, sunk in his hooks and a RNC, forcing the tap early in the first.


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